Bollywood Dance Classes

just ‘drop in’… tuesdays and thursdays in central london

Our ‘Drop-In’ Bollywood Dance Classes are the perfect introduction for those new to Bollywood, as well as offering something fresh each week to those with prior dance experience. The ‘drop-in’ format is designed to help you relax, increase your fitness levels and build your confidence within the hour; you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. No need to book or register, simply show up to class a few minutes early, pay the day membership fee to the studio and the class fee to the teacher, and off you go, the total fee is always just £11.

Our Drop-In Classes are taught by our Creative Director and Company Owner Nileeka Bose.

Indian Dance Courses in Central London

As great follow-on from our Drop-In classes, our Semi-classical Indian Dance and BhangraCardio Courses offer a more in-depth approach to particular Indian Dance styles; namely Classical Indian dance technique and folk style Bhangra. Both classes come with cross-benefits, for example Semi-Classical also offers the flexibility to mix modern styles with traditional, whilst BhangraCardio offers a solid cardio workout alongside the routine-based structure we provide.

The above-named courses run in five-week cycles throughout the year. The structure is slightly different from drop-ins and works towards more progressive learning. Although a slightly longer-term commitment, our courses offer students the opportunity to progress through a variety material and perform what they have learnt at our annual shows! You can find out more about Semi-Classical here and BhangraCardio here.