Semi-Classical Bollywood

Classical Indian Dance London (5 week course)

Inspired by the beautiful dancing style of timeless films like Devdas, and more recent classics like Bajirao Mastani, these particular bollywood dance classes offer a stylish, feminine, intricate dance style. We focus on hand gestures – a key feature of Indian dance, while learning several routines to both classic and modern hit Bollywood songs. If you are looking for Kathak or Classical Indian Dance London, look no further. This course is for you!

  • Fee: £70 for 5 weeks
  • When: Mondays 7- 8pm at Arthur Murray Studios, Baker Street
  • Instructor: Priyanka Chauhan
  • Next cycle: Mon 3rd September – Mon 1st October
  • Maximum class capacity: 25 people

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About the Instructor: Priyanka Chauhan

This Semi-Classical course brings the beautiful styles of classical Indian dance forms to Bollywood. With a focus on the rhythms, story-telling, expression, power and grace that is integral to Kathak (one of the many classical indian dance styles), this semi-classical course acts as an introduction to the basics of Kathak and explores how the Bollywood songs we love can be a way for us to access this ancient art form.

This Semi-Classical course will work on your creativity, the precision of your movements (especially arm and head placements), your ability to hold and play with rhythms and your confidence in expressing yourself through movement.

This course is aimed at beginners, no previous classical Indian dance training is required.

What to expect from this class: 

  • A solid foundation of Indian Classical dance
  • Bollywood technique, and general Kathak dance technique, including posture and alignment
  • A weekly workout, cleverly combined with dance
  • Great music from the most recent Bollywood films to hit the cinema
  • An improvement in your overall dancing skills, memory and technique over the 5 weeks