Pro Academy London

About Pro Academy

The Pro Academy London is a revolutionary 2-day theory and skill-based programme designed especially with intermediate and advanced level dancers in mind. For the first time, four creative powerhouses from different dance disciplines have come together to create a dance intensive like no other. Created by Kumari Suraj, in collaboration with @thebollywoodco, this programme will give you the knowledge and insight to take your dance career further.

Programme Includes

  • 4 x 90 minute dance intensives
  • The Business of Dance Seminar
  • Networking Lunch
  • Panel Discussion

The cost for this 2-day programme is £85.00.

Please send us an email once you have paid for your place so we can confirm your name on the mailing list to send you the secret location details for Saturday. 

Saturday 8 September

Secret Location, Central London

11.30am-12pm  Arrival + Registration 

12-1.30pm The Business Of Dance, Nileeka Bose

1.30-2.30pm Networking Lunch

2.30-3.30pm Panel Discussion

Sunday 9 September

Pineapple Dance Studios, Covent Garden

10-11.30am Bollywood Intensive,Ridy Sheikh

12-1.30pm Commercial for Stage, Sammi Lee Jayne

2.30pm-4pm The Masterclass, Kumari Suraj

4.30pm-6pm Urban Indian, Poonam + Priyanka


The Business Of Dance

The Business of Dance Imagine creating something from nothing. Nileeka did just that. She invested a little under £300 to start up @thebollywoodco just over 4 years ago. Today, as well as working alongside event companies, dance studios, casting directors and international clients, she also personally works for artists, record labels, influencers and brands. The reason for her success? Simple. Understanding ‘The Business of Dance’.

In this unique seminar Nileeka will, for the first time, share her knowledge on how she converted her vision into her reality. The focus will be brand building, so whether you are thinking of building a brand, or making yourself the brand, these are the all the things you’ll need to know to get started! Follow her work @Nileeka

Bollywood Intensive 

Who better to teach Bollywood than Ridy? A dancer who has carved her name in the Industry and knows the ins and outs of what’s really required from it’s dancers. This class will be like no other Bollywood class you have experienced before. You will leave with a routine that you will know from every angle. You will use the comfort of mirrors, but then you will be challenged to perform! You will be challenged to create, push your boundaries, and bring out the professional dancer in you. Follow her work @RidySheikh

Commercial for Stage

International Choreographer + Performer, Sammi Lee Jayne has created a unique masterclass specifically for the Pro Experience Participants. This masterclass is designed specifically to show you how to perform ON STAGE. Not only will you learn a badass commercial routine, the routine itself will be set as if for a stadium performance. Having recently worked with Dua Lipa, Zara Larson and French Montana to name a few, this is the only commercial class you need to be seen at right now. Follow her work @SammiLeeJayne

The Masterclass 

Cleverly fusing both Waacking and Bollywhack, this class is going to give you an opportunity to learn Kumari’s signature styles, with a particular focus on how to dance for CAMERA. Kumari is known for her magnetic on-screen persona, and this masterclass is going to give you more than a taste of how to build your own!

Areas covered will include – working those angles, knowing how to use your eyes, building a relationship with the camera, and making the choreography work for you. Once you know how to work the camera, your possibilities as a dancer are endless… so make this experience count. Follow her work @KumariSuraj

Urban Indian 

With over 100K followers on Instagram and 200K followers on YouTube, the world is eagerly watching these exciting twins. But every time they bring out a dance cover, they manage to out-perform their last. What is it about their energy, synchronisation and choreography that makes us unable to tear our eyes away in case we miss a beat?  We are about to find out.

In this unique and intense workshop,  Poonam + Priyanka will show us how they perform to perfection. This masterclass is going to open your eyes to how much the details really matter. The fusion of Urban and Desi has never been more powerful. And this is your opportunity to learn from the two women who have that locked down. Follow their work @PoonamandPriyanka