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DancePass is a monthly pass which allows you to join our own network of Central London drop-in dance classes for one month from the date of your DancePass purchase. The DancePass is valid across our 3 Drop-In classes, including Tues/Thurs Bollywood and Urban Bhangra.

The individual class price is £12 if you pay a class at a time, however with the DancePass you pay £55 and attend as many classes as you like for one month. The only additional payment is at Danceworks and Pineapple, where a one-time day membership applies (£4 at Pineapple and £5 at Danceworks). This is common of dance studios, so unfortunately this something we cannot avoid.  If you are a member at either of these studios, these fees will not apply. We encourage you to become a member of your preferred studio if this is the main location you will consistently be able to attend.

The DancePass pass is only valid on our Drop-In Classes – not our Courses. Please see below list of classes that this offer is applicable on.


Class Style Day & Time Studio name Address Price
Bollywood Monday
Pineapple 7 Langley St, London WC2H 9JA £12
Urban Bhangra Wednesday
Danceworks 16 Balderton St, London W1K 6TN £12
Bollywood Thursday
Danceworks 16 Balderton St, London W1K 6TN  £12


  • Drop In classes run throughout the year.
  • You can pay-as-you-go and each class will be just £12 per session total. You can pay on the day in cash.
  • The DancePass is a pre-book feature, only available online, which enables you to buy a month of BollyCo Drop-Ins for £55.
  • Due to how the Professional Dance Studios operate, you still need to pay membership/entry fees at Danceworks £5 and Pineapple £4, the balance you pay in the studio varies accordingly. You therefore pay £8 to the teacher at Pineapple, and £7 to the teacher at Danceworks. The total is always £12.
  • The DancePass is valid for 1 month from the day of purchase. You must show your DancePass receipt each time you register which will reflect the date of purchase.
  • The DancePass is non-transferrable and non-refundable. Only the named individual can attend.
  • You cannot refund or make up missed classes with a DancePass. The saving is made through the initial purchase and then it is up to the individual to attend as many sessions as they wish to within the month of DancePass purchase.

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