Sports Relief 2014

Sports Relief 2014

Here at Bollywood Co, we were honoured to be invited by the team at Comic Relief to be part of the entertainment line-up for Sports Relief 2014 event which took place on Sunday 23rd March at the Olympic Park in Stratford. Taking part in a national event to raise funds for those in need was a privilege and we are super proud to be part of this event.
Here are some fun snaps from our busy day!


Bollywood Dance at Sport Relief

As professional Bollywood dancers, it is always a pleasure to represent Bollywood dance, but it was even more amazing to represent our dance style on such a huge platform. Sports Relief 2014 was such a great way to give back through exercise and participation. Our professional Bollywood dancers performed twice at the finish line of the main race, and we were there to cheer the runners on at the very end of the race.

What Is Sport Relief?

Sports Relief is a platform and charity that exists to help create a world that is just and free from poverty. Money raised through sponsorship events like runs, bake sales, and sponsored dances are used by Sport Relief to tackle issues throughout the world including homelessness, child poverty, domestic abuse and mental health to name a few. Sports Relief helps to tackle these problems throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

The difference your donations make are massive, those who live with mental health problems are supported, you help join in the global fight against Malaria, those at risk of trafficking and domestic violence are offered safety, and essential medical care can be provided mothers and young babies. From the UK to the rest of the world, your help makes a massive difference.

Have us at Your Event

Should you be planning a charity event, and want Bollywood dancers as part of your entertainment programme be sure to contact a member of our team. We will be more than happy to hear about your cause and the event you are planning.