Semi-Classical May Course

Semi-Classical dance classes in London


  • May Course: Monday 23rd May – Monday 13th June
  • Timings: 7-8pm (60 minutes)
  • Location: Gymbox Holborn, 100 High Holborn, London WC1V 6RD
  • Instructor: Priyanka Chauhan
  • Capacity: 20 participants
  • Cost: £65 for 4 weeks


About the style

Inspired by the dance icons of Bollywood, such as Maduri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, we take a closer look at how both Classical and traditional folk Indian dance styles and have influenced Bollywood.

Combining Kathak foundations with a more contemporary edge, Semi-Classical Bollywood offers the best of both worlds. The dance form focuses on story-telling and grace, whilst balancing playful rhythms and expressions too. In this four-week course we will focus on a two-part medley which enables participants to really understand the intricacies required to perform the piece to a high standard.

The second session will build on the first, and as well as completing the choreography for the routine during the later part of the class, the first part of each session will be spent building your knowledge of the style. You will learn the foundation hand gestures & footwork sequences needed for Semi-Classical.

This class is great for beginners and intermediate dancers too. Previous Kathak or Classical Indian dance training is not essential.

What to expect from Semi-classical Indian Dance

Our Semi-Classical Indian Dance class is grounded by:

  • Bollywood technique, and general Kathak dance technique, including posture and alignment
  • Precision of movement (especially arm and head placements)
  • Ability to hold and play with rhythms
  • Building confidence in expressing oneself through movement


about the instructor: Priyanka Chauhan

Priyanka Chauhan has worked with The Bollywood Co for the past 8 years and is an inaugural member of the team. She brings a wide and varied portfolio of dance skills to her class, including her extensive training in Kathak.

Priyanka is an Inclusive Dance Practitioner and Community Arts Producer. She is also a Creator, Instructor & Performer with specialist areas ‘Semi-Classical’ and ‘Indian Mix’. As well as her work for The Bollywood Co, she runs her own Inclusive Dance Platform using dance as a tool for wellbeing.

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