Wedding Entertainment

bringing the dance floor to life

At The Bollywood Co, we believe professional Bollywood Wedding Entertainment should be every bit as mind-blowing as the Bollywood we see in the movies. That’s why every wedding performance by The Bollywood Co. is one hundred percent full of energy, colour and charisma.

The Bollywood Co. is London’s premier dance and entertainment company. From silver screen to stage, our dancers are well-versed in entertaining audiences both on and off screen. With credits including Marvel’s The Eternals, Dancing On Ice, The Second Best Exotic Marigold hotel and The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee show, we have an impressive lists of both Bollywood & Hollywood clients and even Royalty to our name. We set a high bar when it comes to dance and choreography, so when clients come to BollyCo, we know they are looking for the best dancers in the business.

From the UK to global shows, we travel around England and beyond to perform at some incredible weddings. Size is not an issue. From intimate celebrations to large scale showstopper weddings, we will create a package that fits your day and your vision. You can hire between 3 and 10 dancers for any function. We cover a range of wedding events.

Most frequently requested events include:

  • Bollywood Mendhi Party Entertainment
  • Bollywood Walima Entertainment
  • Bollywood Indian Wedding  Entertainment (Reception)
  • Entertainment for Pre-wedding functions
  • Sangeet Entertainment

Indian & South Asian Wedding Entertainment

For Indian and South Asian Weddings (Punjabi, Gujarati, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri-Lankan or Fusion) we have a variety of performance options.

For Fusion Weddings in particular, we have performed Bollywood with other styles of music including Greek, Arabic, English and more. It is our goal to make your wedding entertainment as unique and memorable as you are. No two couples are the same, therefore no two performances are the same. We go to great lengths to ensure the song choices work for your audience and reflect the vibe of the wedding as a whole.

Our spectacular costumes are distinctive, and your guests will always know when you’ve hired BollyCo. Our medleys too are instantly recognisable. It is our unique blend of nostalgic Bollywood song choices laced with modern day remixes that leave guests with an electric show every time. It is our signature style of fusing Commercial and Bollywood choreography that makes us incomparable to any other company.

The company trains consistently to ensure our routines are always performed to the highest standard and we will never miss an opportunity to create something unique.

Whether you have an audience that already loves Bollywood or a mixture of guests – maybe some who have never been seen Bollywood Dance before – our dancers will be sure to entertain and inspire!

Alongside Entertainment Packages we offer interactive Bollywood Dance Workshops. This is when our professionals show your guests some moves and encourage them to join in – we can even get some competition going to heat up the dance floor.

Our Bollywood dancers typically deliver one or two slots of bespoke entertainment followed by 15-20 minutes of audience participation for your guests. For the very best Bollywood Entertainment, Indian Wedding Dancers & bespoke event creations,  The Bollywood Co. is the only choice.

Bollywood Entertainment & Indian Wedding Dancers

The Bollywood Entertainment you select for your wedding day will be a lasting memory for years to come. For this reason, we here at The Bollywood Co go the extra mile to connect with each couple and find the entertainment option that’s perfect for them. Whether you are looking for a bespoke creation or a flashmob to surprise your guests our dancers will deliver a step-perfect performance that you and your guests are sure to love.

A question that we are often asked is “are all your dancers from India?”. The answer to this is: whilst most of our dancers are of full or part Indian-heritage, we also have some dancers who are not. As the client, you can direct us on your personal choice for your event. However our main focus as a company is to execute stunning choreography, and we believe the authenticity of our product lies in how we perform as a team.

Our dancers are hand-picked for their individual skill but also their group performance ability. All dancers who perform in the BollyCo Pros must show excellent teamwork both inside and outside of the studio.

do I really need professionals?

  • A question often asked is “what’s the difference between having my family dance and hiring Bollywood dancers?” – the answer is simple, so we thought we’d address it below.
  • Our BollyCo Pro dancers are professionally trained. Dancing is not a hobby for them, it’s a career.
  • Our dancers have individually trained for years to reach a professional standard. They join BollyCos having already reached a professional standard, and then we train together as a team. This is a unique service bringing together the very best South Asian dance talent and that is why we charge clients for our dancers’ time.
  • Whilst the Bollywood Dance industry has many semi-professional troupes, at BollyCo we make it a point to keep our dance classes (which are for recreational purposes) separate from our entertainment business (which is formed of professional dancers).
  • Professional dancers are used to entertaining audiences. It is not only the way they can interact and entertain but the complexity of the routines which they perform that make the standard “professional”.
  • From formations, to expressions, to costume, this is something that guests can instantly recognise as being a higher level of show.
  • If you are a looking for your guests to be completely wowed, if you want to create those for those moments where everyone is filming the entertainment, for those where moments everyone cheers when the song changes – BollyCo Pros are the only choice!